Daniel Banks: Director & Choreographer


"Global Spotlight Baku, Azerbaijan"
by Nicole Estvanik Taylor in American Theatre, 2011

"Mainstream Remix Frank Talk about Casting, Training and Presenting Actors and Works of Color"
American Theatre, 2008

Bling, or Revolution, American Theatre
July-August 2004

Hip Hop Theatrical by Adrienne Sichel
The Star, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2006

In Dance, A Map for Discussing Identity
by Tresca Weinstein, Times Union, Albany

Six World Theatre Practitioners
American Theatre, May-June 2002

We Will Not Stop Dancing
by Micah Kelber, Forward

Bosoms and Neglect Review
The Guardian

Bosoms and Neglect Review
Time Out and Evening Standard

Bosoms and Neglect Review
The Good Times

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